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NY Regulation 187

The New York State Department of Financial Services (NY DFS) has released the final version of best-interest Regulation 187. Regulation 187 requires producers and insurers to implement a process that ensures they’re acting in the consumer’s best interest when recommending life insurance policies issued in New York.


Top 12 Sales Ideas to Kick-Start Your New Year

Here are top 12 sales ideas to help you kick off 2020 to a great start! 


Utilizing Life Insurance to Solve a Big Annuity Tax Problem

Annuities are a great tool for accumulating cash – but are not always the ideal way to transfer assets to the next generation because of the taxes due at death. Here is an example of an actual case that GBS just completed which illustrates the power of thoughtful tax and insurance planning.


Coverage Solutions for Smokers and Alternate Tobacco Users

Cigar and alternate-tobacco users are one of most penalized segments of the life insurance customers, in terms of higher premiums. At GBS Insurance, we have markets that are extremely flexible when it comes to underwriting those risk classifications, and can assist you in obtaining nonsmoker and, many times nonsmoker plus, rate classifications.


Life Settlements Explained

Do you have clients that would benefit from a life settlement of their existing, unwanted or unaffordable life insurance policies? If you have older clients with policies that are no longer needed, GBS can help facilitate a life settlement.


Access to Top Rated Carrier Programs

Did you know we have the following amazing programs available to our advisors from top rated carriers?


Prudential Announces Reduced Pricing on UL Protector

On Monday March 18, 2019, the repriced PruLife UL Protector will be introduced, subject to state approvals.


Principal® Life Online — eDelivery Now Available!

eDelivery allows your clients to receive and accept life insurance policies electronically. Numerous benefits include added convenience, more flexibility and faster coverage for clients.


What's HOT and What's NOT for 2019!

As we embark on 2019, we’ve compiled a list of simple selling tips to help you kickoff the New Year, and reach your fullest potential. These basic concepts can help you increase the size of your cases, your application count and make it another banner year!


Changing the Conversation About Life Insurance and Diabetes

John Hancock is working with the American Diabetes Association to change the conversation about living with type 2 diabetes.


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