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Principal: Drop Ticket Required for Most Term Cases for Speedier Service

Beginning April 1, 2021, Principal’s excellent drop ticket system must be used for all Term application submissions up to the maximum applicable Accelerated Underwriting face amount ($3 million for issue ages 18-40; $2.5 million for issue ages 41 and older). Note: Paper applications will NOT be accepted where drop ticket is required.


GBS News: Digital Solutions | Selling Fixed Annuities | Executive Term | and more

As agents have been shifting to virtual meetings with their clients, tools such as eApp, Accelerated Underwriting and eDelivery are becoming invaluable. Utilizing the Drop-Ticket process, combined with Accelerated Underwriting and ePolicy Delivery makes it faster and easier for eligible clients to get life insurance without seeing anyone face-to-face, and in many cases will allow the client to apply without an exam or blood draw, resulting in an entirely virtual, paperless process with no in-person meetings.


GBS News: Important Carrier Product Updates and Announcements

GBS can now offer Pacific Life’s very competitive Promise Term and Promise GUL plans as well as their fluidless underwriting program.


Underwriting Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

While admitted marijuana usage appears to be increasing among insurance buyers, underwriting those risks is becoming more complex. Currently, more than half of U.S. states allow medicinal or recreational use of marijuana and that number is expected to continue growing. With the ability to legally purchase marijuana in most states, many insurance carriers are responding with more liberal underwriting rules.


Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020

Planning for the unexpected and the work you do with the protection products you help put in front of clients has never been more important. For us, continuing to provide helpful content was just a small part of the service we hope we delivered to you. Although we are anxiously looking forward to 2021 and everything we have planned to help you make it your best year yet, we like to take time to reflect on how we did and look back at what content resonated most with you. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of some of our most popular and interesting blog posts of 2020.


Important Carrier Product Updates and Announcements

In response to the continued low interest rate environment, effective February 22, 2021, Prudential will increase their rates for Term Essential and Term Elite for all durations.


Sales Opportunities to look for in 2021

Here are six sales ideas to help you kick off 2021 to a great start!


GBS News: Is GUL Going Away? | Nationwide LTC Price Increase | Tax Guide | and more

Due to the continued low interest rate environment and stricter reserve requirements for the insurance industry, Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL) products are becoming more difficult for carriers to offer. Prices continue to go up and many carriers are simply suspending sales of their GUL products entirely - we expect more to do so in the next few months. 


URGENT: Principal Discontinues Sales of GUL Products

Due to the continued low interest rate environment, Principal Financial is withdrawing their two guaranteed UL products: Universal Life Protector V and the Survivorship Universal Protector III, effective immediately.


Symetra Discontinues Sales of GUL Products Effective 12/31

Due to the continued and prolonged low interest rate environment and competitive landscape, Symetra has decided to discontinue sales of their guaranteed universal life insurance products, which include their currently sold Symetra UL-G and the previously suspended Symetra Survivorship UL-G.


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