Underwriting is a critical part of the placement process, and one that we excel at. Your clients are people - not just a set of data points on an application - and that’s why our underwriters treat each case with intense attention to detail and consideration.


It all starts with good field underwriting – let our brokerage directors guide you through the process of asking key questions to hone in on your client’s potential impairments. Use our library of underwriting questionnaires for help on dozens of common impairments.


The best way to place a case quickly is to start with the right carrier. Our underwriters have vast knowledge of carrier niches and, armed with good knowledge of the case, can help you find the most appropriate carrier. Not all cases are complicated, and sometimes the best service we can provide is saving you time and energy by directing you to the right place.


Our in-house underwriter, with almost 30 years of experience, has read over a million pages of medical reports, shopped and negotiated thousands of cases, and saved clients millions in premiums. Decades of relationship-building with head underwriters throughout the industry makes GBS uniquely qualified to help you get things done.

Non-Medical Underwriting

Financial qualification can be an equally important part of placing sizeable cases, and our underwriters are skilled in advocating for even the largest lines of coverage. Hazardous occupations and hobbies such as aviation, racing and diving can also present challenges for underwriters, but our insurance professionals have years of experience in placing “high-risk” cases with the appropriate carriers.

Bring Us Your Toughest Cases

Through our “quick quote” process we can put your client in front of 20 or more carriers in just a few minutes, based on our expertly written analytical case summaries. For more difficult cases with significant medical issues, GBS can provide an “informal” inquiry which allows us to obtain medical records and set our underwriters to work, strategizing on how best to summarize them for carrier review.

Going Beyond the Medical File

Underwriting may start with the medical file, but it doesn’t end there. GBS can engage the client directly for a private medical consultation if your client is hesitant to reveal their history. We can even assist the client or agent to obtain additional medical evidence by working with doctors to clarify any missing or inconclusive items. Negotiating the best rate class is not enough to get big cases placed if the price isn’t right - we also check your client’s premium tolerance and work within those parameters to come up with a suitable solution.




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