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We understand the challenges that many advisors face, and we are committed to ensuring your success. This includes our investment in technology solutions to streamline the process – electronic applications, drop-ticket tele-interviews, even simplified underwriting. If you’re unsure about whether life insurance is a good fit for your practice, let us show you how easy it is to grow your business.

For iPipeline Technical Support, please call (800) 641-6557.

  • Electronic Application (eApp)

    An eApp is an electronic version of a full application that utilizes eSignature and electronically sends the application to the carrier. This process allows a more efficient way to submit applications by ensuring the app is in good order at submission.

  • Drop Ticket / Tele-Interview

    A drop-ticket allows you to submit an application in less than 10 minutes by completing the client's basic information. Once the ticket is submitted, the client will be contacted for a tele-interview to complete the application.

  • Accelerated Underwriting

    Accelerated underwriting is a streamlined underwriting process making it easier and faster for people with good health to obtain life insurance with no exams.

  • ePolicy Delivery

    The eDelivery process allows advisors and clients to receive and accept life insurance policies electronically. Numerous benefits include added convenience, more flexibility and faster coverage for clients.


"I strongly recommend GBS to any Life producer. They always deliver on all their promises and I have nothing but respect and admiration for their company."

- Ray D., San Diego, CA

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