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GBS News: Weekly Product and Underwriting Updates - Week of March 28, 2022

Trendsetter Super Reprice Effective March 25, 2022


GBS News: Weekly Product and Underwriting Updates - Week of March 21, 2022

Beginning March 28, 2022, Lincoln Financial will implement an updated application package for all life insurance products and submission methods.


GBS News: Equitable Increasing Term Face Amounts | Term Price Reduction | NY MoneyGuard Suspension | SecureCare III | and more

Show your UL clients how John Hancock's newly repriced Protection UL continues to stand out against GUL competitors.


GBS News: SecureCare Update | Underwriting Improvements | Annuity Rate Changes | UPCOMING WEBINAR: Business Planning Solutions | and more

Our team participated in a webinar with Securian to discuss their new Hybrid product.


REGISTER NOW - Principal Business Planning Solutions: How to Approach Business Owners

Your business owner clients care about their company, their employees and their lifestyle. They may not know what they need to protect all three. Join us for a special webinar featuring Principal Financial and Michelle Tish, CLU®, ChFC® who discusses the tools and resources available to help you approach these clients and prioritize what is most important to them.


GBS News: Tax Guide 2022 | Nationwide Intelligent Underwriting | Reduce APS Requests with Horizon | Lincoln AssetEdge VUL | and more

Here’s a handy chart that shows all the key IRS numbers you are likely to need for tax and planning work – marginal tax rates, credits, deductions, contribution limits, estate taxes and more.


GBS News: Your Disability Insurance Updates

Your Disability Insurance Updates


Top 10 Sales Opportunities to Look Out for in 2022

Here are top 10 sales ideas to help get a great start to 2022!


Helping Clients Cope with Market Volatility

Financial Professionals often refer to the average rate of return of investment portfolios as a static or level number - but that does not tell the whole story because of the market’s inherent ups and downs. Research shows the timing and order of those returns can have significant effects on the total return of the portfolio. Understanding this so called “Sequence of Returns” can help these Financial Professionals recognize the importance of repositioning their clients’ investment portfolios for a favorable retirement income strategy in the future.


7 Valuable Tips and Sales Ideas

Introducing a new series of quick sales ideas to spark interest in your clients and centers of influence. Position yourself as a valued advisor and insurance professional by using these tips as conversation starters.


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