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HIGH NET-WORTH CLIENTS: Whether its business owners, family offices, trustees or beneficiaries we work closely with advisors to provide each with appropriate coverage. Specialty cases may not be insurable in the regular market, and may require large capacity lines.

HIGH-RISK LIFESTYLES: Client’s whose occupations or avocations subject them extraordinary dangers and risks, such as extreme athletes, entertainers, or race car drivers, often need us to shop specialty carriers. Occupations that may not seem risky, but present a variety of underwriting issues to insurers, may also need special coverage due to secondary risks such as their notoriety, life-styles, travel and spending habits. 

PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES: Team managers and owners often come to us to cover professional players in order to meet a team's contractual obligations. We have experience coordinating individual or multi-team member placements with the appropriate carriers. 

IMPAIRED HEALTH RISK: In addition to impaired-risk underwriting services, we have access to special programs and carriers that other agencies often do not. For clients that have been declined elsewhere due to cancer, diabetes, or individuals living with HIV, we may be able to find coverage.

MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS, AND PRIVATE EQUITY: These groups often come to us for short–term coverages to indemnify investors against death or disability while deals are in play. We can also provide very large placements on business owners or key-employees – and we have the ability to place coverage up to $100,000,000 on a single-life or provide $50,000,000 lump sum disability payouts.

INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS: Foreign nationals, clients residing overseas, and those who travel abroad frequently, present unique risks to carriers. GBS is able to facilitate coverage, and negotiate the complications of language barriers and local insurance regulations. We also have the capability to place specialty disability and international medical coverage cases.  


No matter where you are in the world, GBS has the ability to help you find coverage. Our diverse team of multi-national professionals are able navigate through language issues and local insurance regulations which allows us to reach further than ever before. and serve individuals and organizations that other broker agencies can’t. GBS goes above and beyond to serve individuals and organizations that other broker agencies can't while ensuring their confidentiality and privacy.




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