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BREAKING NEWS: Principal Discontinuing Most Consumer Sales

Principal announced they are exiting the individual consumer life insurance and annuity business by the end of the 3rd quarter 2021, and will be concentrating on business sales of life and disability products.


GBS News: Penn Mutual Leaving Brokerage | Product and Pricing Changes | and more

Penn Mutual will no longer make their products available through wholesale distribution effective 6/30/21.This strategic change applies to ALL Brokerage General Agencies nationally, including GBS Life.


Client Prospecting Tool for Retirement Income Protection

Are you looking for new sales concepts to send your clients? Reach out to your clients and prospects with this campaign-in-a-box toolkit on retirement income protection. 


GBS News: WA State LTC Update | DI Sales Opportunities | Fixed Index Annuity | and more

The soon-to-be-enacted "Long Term Services and Trust Act" will impose a .58% annual tax on Washington state's workforce to fund one year of future LTC benefits (non-portable and only available if still living in WA). The only way to "opt-out" and avoid paying this tax is to show proof of existing coverage.

While the Trust Act could be beneficial for low-to-middle income earners, it negatively impacts those highly compensated individuals who will pay a much larger, disproportionate amount for the same, minimal benefit.


GBS News: New PacLife Program | UL Price Increases | Higher Fluidless Underwriting | and more

PL Swift Sailing offers your clients a more convenient and less invasive underwriting process so they can get the life insurance coverage they need faster. PL Swift Sailing requires no medical exams, needles, fluids, or APS. Those up to age 60 could get up to $2 million in coverage, even with nicotine use. Use this checklist to see if your clients will qualify


GBS News: Accelerated Underwriting | High-Net-Worth Foreign Nationals | Charitable Giving | and more

Today’s high-net-worth clients may live or come from all over the world, but many share the same life insurance needs. Our expertise can help clients who have ties to the U.S. navigate the generational wealth transfer process with a program designed specifically for the high-net-worth foreign national (HNWFN) market.


GBS News: Laddering Term Policies | Prudential Founders Plus UL | Best Interest Training for Annuity | and more

With Select-a-Term Life Insurance, your clients choose the exact amount and period of coverage they need. Not only can they customize their coverage, it can help them save money on premiums with a technique called "laddering." Laddering means you buy multiple smaller policies that custom your tailor needs rather than one large policy. By laddering your policies, you purchase the right amount of coverage in the most cost-effective way.


GBS News: April Issue - Estate Planning

As advisors, we know that creating an estate plan is one of the most important things a person can do for their loved ones. As tax proposals offered by candidate Biden during his campaign, the current Biden Administration, and various members of the Congress are coming together for consideration, there is much pressure to tick priority items off as DONE well before the next election cycle and preferably as soon as possible. Below is a compilation of estate planning resources you can use with centers of influence and clients — from basic tools to sophisticated planning techniques.


REGISTER NOW! Five Ways to Help Boost Your Life Business with Pacific Life

GBS is happy to announce a new carrier partnership with Pacific Life. Join us to learn how these five opportunities will help boost your business.


GBS News: PacLife New Rates | Estate Planning | 2021 Tax Guide | and more

Effective March 29th, Pacific Life Insurance adjusted rates for their PL Promise Term product for all states except NY. Cases that are issued (for delivery) through May 28, 2021 automatically receive the better of the old and new PL Promise Term rates. No request is necessary. This date provides a 60-day transition from their new rate launch date. Cases that are issued after this date receive the new PL Promise Term rates.


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