Who We Work With

At GBS, we’re dedicated to helping financial professionals and institutions provide sound financial futures for their clients.

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    Financial Advisors

    Whether you’re a financial advisor or a traditional life insurance professional, your clients trust you to make vital decisions on how to grow and maintain their wealth. At GBS, we make a complex and time-consuming process easy so you can better spend your time managing clients’ assets.

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    Insurance and Benefits Producers

    We help both P&C producers and benefit consultants fill gaps in clients’ coverage by providing individual, multi-life and executive benefits solutions. Our team acts as your complete back-office providing everything from quotes and underwriting to case design. We can even assist you with full point-of-sale support, while also generating a new revenue source for your firm.

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    Financial Institutions

    GBS is an essential resource to financial institutions such as broker dealers, banks and RIA firms. We guide your advisors to solutions that fit within the framework of today’s ever-changing legal and regulatory environment.

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    Tax and Legal Professionals

    When tax and legal professionals partner with GBS they are gaining a trusted and knowledgeable referral source. Our insurance specialists understand the big picture, and are able to help professionals enhance their practices by providing the insurance portion to their clients’ estate plans and business needs.

"Partnering with GBS is equivalent to having an in-house and highly knowledgeable colleague right by your side every day. Our firm is all about service, and delivering trusted products and solutions. GBS is our strategic partner to make that happen."

- Glen F., CLU, ChFC, Ventura, CA.


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