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Changing the Conversation About Life Insurance and Diabetes

Published on January 17, 2019

Top reasons why John Hancock Vitality is the ideal solution for your clients

Encourages living healthy to save insurance costs

  • Lowers life insurance premiums by as much as 15% through activity and other healthy habits
  • Offers rewards and discounts to celebrate successes

Promotes regular exercise to help lower blood sugar and control weight

  • Rewards physical activity, and offers discounts on gym memberships and healthy gear
  • Offers the opportunity to earn Apple Watch® Series 3 for as little as $25 plus tax, by exercising regularly
  • Provides the option of a complimentary Fitbit® device instead of Apple Watch, or another discounted fitness tracker, like a Polar or Garmin

Personalized recommendations & rewards to help clients stay on track

  • Awards points for free annual health check, encouraging the regular doctor visits recommended for people with diabetes
  • Supports the achievement of milestones, such as reaching a healthy weight and taking prescribed medication regularly
  • Tracks progress with a free mobile app

Supports and rewards healthy eating, which can help control blood glucose

  • Increases the affordability of healthy eating through the Vitality HealthyFoodTM benefit, with savings of up to $600 a year in healthy food purchases at over 16,000 grocery stores throughout the country1

Recognizes the role that stress-management plays in maintaining good health

  • Encourages relaxation with a wide choice of rewards, such as gift cards, movie tickets, and discounted cruise and hotel stays





Prudential Announces Reduced Pricing on UL Protector

On Monday March 18, 2019, the repriced PruLife UL Protector will be introduced, subject to state approvals.


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