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GBS Welcomes Mutual Trust to Our List of Carrier Offerings

Mutual Trust Life Insurance Company was founded in 1904 and specializes in whole life and term protection for families and small businesses. In 2015 they became a subsidiary of Pan-American Life Insurance Group.  


Lincoln MoneyGuard® II – Introducing Expanded Payment Options and Pricing Changes in California and Hawaii

Effective November 20, 2017, Lincoln MoneyGuard® II will be introducing expanded payment options and pricing changes for new sales of the product in California and Hawaii. 


Introducing Brighthouse (MetLife) Conversion Whole Life

Effective November 13, 2017, Brighthouse Conversion Whole Life will be introduced as the term conversion solution for Brighthouse Financial term policy owners.


Earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $25 with John Hancock Vitality

When your clients buy life insurance with the John Hancock Vitality Program, they can earn an Apple Watch Series 3 for as little as $25 — starting November 6th! It's a great way to provide them with motivation to live a healthy life and a tremendous sales opportunity for you.


PruLife SUL Protector - Available in California Starting October 30th

On Monday, October 30th, 2017, PruLife SUL Protector changes will be launched in California.


Nationwide YourLife CareMatters will be available to California clients starting November 6th, 2017

Nationwide YourLife CareMatters®, a long-term care (LTC) solution built to help meet your clients' needs, will be available to issue to California clients effective November 6th, 2017.


Important Lincoln Life Term Product Updates

Upcoming changes at Lincoln include pricing improvements to Lincoln LifeElements Level Term and Lincoln Term Accel. 


Calculating LTC Costs - Genworth Cost of Care Map

This interactive cost of care map helps your clients prepare for their future when it comes to long-term care, based on the location and the type of service they are looking to receive.


Protective Indexed Choice UL Rate Changes - Effective January 1, 2018

Protective is reducing the index cap rate, maximum illustrated rate and fixed account rate on Protective Indexed Choice UL effective January 1, 2018.                                                                                                 


New Minimum Face Amount Limits on Symetra UL-G, CAUL and Term Products Effective October 19, 2017

Effective October 19, 2017 Symetra will be increasing the minimum face amount limits on their Symetra UL-G, CAUL and Term products.


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