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Update on Principal After September 30th

Principal made a strategic decision to exit the “retail” US life insurance market and is committed to insuring the “business market”.


September Issue: Life Insurance Awareness Month

In this month’s See the Market Series newsletter, you’ll find a selection of timely resources that provide insights about what’s impacting life insurance ownership in 2021 and the important role life insurance can play in providing financial protection. Use the below resources to discuss solutions with centers of influence and clients so they can start to take action today.


Introducing Bestow - A Revolutionary Way to Sell Life Insurance

Gallagher is partnering with a new carrier with strong financial backing, and leading-edge technology with the goal of helping clients get term life insurance faster and easier than ever. No hoops, no headaches, just insurance. Bestow’s application process is 100% online. Clients have the freedom to complete their application anytime, anywhere, and with no exams and automated underwriting, your clients will receive a decision on the spot. From beginning to end, a client may apply, qualify, and get coverage in as little as 5 minutes!


Protective Advantage Choice UL Price Increase

Effective September 8, 2021, Protective Advantage Choice UL will be repriced with a slight rate increase. The slight rate increase helps accommodate the current interest rate environment and continue to offer this competitive solution.


GBS News: Policy Review Kit | Life Settlements Case Study | LTC in WA Updates | and more

There’s never been a more important time to conduct a policy review! Life insurance, like any financial asset, should be reviewed on a regular basis to make sure it is still meeting clients’ objectives. One of the most important functions we can perform is to monitor if clients’ life insurance policies are still applicable given their current financial and future goals.


Fixed Indexed Annuities in Retirement Planning

In this newsletter, you’ll find a selection of timely resources that can help support your conversations on using fixed indexed annuities as a retirement savings vehicle. Use the below resources to discuss solutions with centers of influence and clients so they can start to take action today.


Business Planning Resources

Business owners want to protect their business and income but often need help in understanding the risks they face day to day, and how to plan for the continuation of their companies.


GBS News: PruFast Track | PL Promise Term | Symetra SwiftTerm | LTC in WA | and more

To get more clients on their way to a faster, more convenient buying experience, beginning July 19, 2021, all PruFast Track eligible business MUST be submitted via Prudential Xpress QuickForm worksheet or Drop Ticket.


BREAKING NEWS: Principal Discontinuing Most Consumer Sales

Principal announced they are exiting the individual consumer life insurance and annuity business by the end of the 3rd quarter 2021, and will be concentrating on business sales of life and disability products.


GBS News: Penn Mutual Leaving Brokerage | Product and Pricing Changes | and more

Penn Mutual will no longer make their products available through wholesale distribution effective 6/30/21.This strategic change applies to ALL Brokerage General Agencies nationally, including GBS Life.


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