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Our consultants draw from an expansive selection of insurance and financial products to help you expand your practice.

  • Life Insurance

    This powerful financial tool can serve many needs: income protection, living benefits, and tax-advantaged wealth accumulation. Whether for personal or business purposes, we have a full suite of products and carriers to meet any budget or need.

  • Annuities

    Annuities provide certainty in uncertain times. We’ll help you pick the right product for your clients whether they are looking for guaranteed retirement income, tax-deferred savings, protection from market volatility or funding for their life insurance and other needs.

  • Disability Insurance

    Your clients’ ability to earn income may be their most valuable asset. When that income is threatened by illness or an accident, our disability solutions will be there to get them through the toughest times without missing a beat.

  • Long Term Care

    The rising cost of care can devastate your clients’ retirement nest egg if not properly protected. Our specialists can guide you through the fast-changing world of LTC products that include traditional plans, hybrid plans, asset-based solutions and more.

  • Specialty Products

    We go beyond the ordinary to cover needs not addressed by traditional products for both business and personal uses. Specialized coverage includes: high-limit disability, international major medical, contract indemnification, life settlements, premium financing, guaranteed issue, COLI and much more.


"GBS has been our strategic partner, and distribution outlet for over 30 years. We have been presented with every competing distribution and wholesaling opportunity, and we are highly confident that no other option would match the consistent service, advocacy, and professional insights provided by GBS."

- Glen F., CLU, ChFC, Ventura, CA

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