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Published on May 23, 2017


Vitality from John Hancock lets clients take control of their own health and well-being by combining a wellness program with a life insurance policy.

Wellness programs are well established as a cost-cutting measure for employers. In fact Forbes reports that over two-thirds of US employers use some kind of Wellness program.

John Hancock is the first life insurance company to offer a full featured wellness program in conjunction with Life Insurance and has an exclusive agreement with the Vitality Group in South Africa, which created the first wellness program for health insurers over 30 years ago.

The Vitality Group’s data shows that clients who participate in the program and consistently achieve GOLD status or better average a 5–year longer life expectancy.


Reaching for Gold 

Clients can achieve points to reach one of four status levels, and in turn those status levels give the client both a discount on their insurance policy and other rewards on retail products. Points can be earned several ways such as exercise, biometric screening, preventative medical visits, online education and even some healthy living goals (such as not smoking and maintaining proper BMI). 

There are four point status to achieve – each with it’s own savings goal:

  • Bronze - 0% (Everyone starts at Bronze)
  • Silver - 5%
  • Gold - 10% (Easily achievable for most clients through moderate exercise and healthy living)
  • Platinum - 15%



If living longer and getting a discount on life insurance wasn't enough of a reward, this program also offers consumers retail discounts and rewards such as:

  • A FREE FitBit wearable device.
  • Discounts on other wearable devices.
  • AppleWatch available for a discount after initial $25 monthly fee. Monthly payments can be waived completely depending on point status.  Available on all ULs and on term polices at $2,000,000 and over.
  • Retail discounts on sporting equipment, cruises, hotels, food and apparel from places like Walmart, Hyatt, REI, Amazon, Starbucks, LA Fitness and more. More retail partners are being added regularly. 


Tips for Successful Selling

Vitality lets you change the conversation by making it about living – and enjoying benefits today. Use this Seller's Guide to learn about: 

  • Who is a good fit. 
  • How to engage the client continuously after the sale.
  • How the $600 annual food credit can offset some or all of the premiums for smaller term sales.
  • How the 10-15% discount on UL can offset some or all of the cost of the LTC rider.

Advisors are teaming up with fitness clubs, fitness expos, charity runs, physicians and sporting good stores to promote Vitality. John Hancock may be able to support these efforts with marketing materials, posters and other collateral. Contact us for more information.


Sales Tools

Producer Materials

Consumer Materials

Share the "How it Works" video below with your clients and see how easy it is to save money and earn rewards just for living well.


Vitality is a whole new way of presenting life insurance but requires a little more learning to get started. Contact us today to discuss if it’s right for your clients.


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