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GBS News: Weekly Product and Underwriting Updates - Week of May 2, 2022

Effective April 30, rates in WinFlex for the Income for Life Rider on QoL Max Accumulator+ II IUL policies will be updated to improve annuity factors and adjust the one-time activation charge for select ages. As a result, the guaranteed income from the rider will increase by an average 15% for issue age 35-55 if the rider is activated before age 80.


GBS Newsletter - April 2022 Issue

Many clients desire a life insurance policy which includes significant guarantees, however the cost to guarantee their death benefit to age 100 may be prohibitive. Advisors may be able to design a premium funding strategy which will guarantee the death benefit to age 90 (past life expectancy) with the option to extend the death benefit to age 100 at a higher premium if needed. This case study illustrates a scenario that provides permanent protection at the optimal cost.


REGISTER NOW: Uncover New Opportunities with Mirrored Loans

Do you have clients with large loans on their existing life insurance policies? These policies could be drowning from high interest costs, leaving the client with an unexpected tax problem (and no insurance coverage). For clients with loans in danger of lapse, the mirrored loans strategy could help.



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