Our Difference

GBS is dedicated to transforming the insurance brokerage industry with leading-edge solutions to make building your business effortless. Our core values of integrity, inclusiveness, and teamwork guide every part of our business to ensure our advisors receive the very best. Many brokerage agencies provide the same products we do, but no other GA provides world-class resources with personalized service.

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    Your Dedicated Team

    GBS’ greatest advantage is our team of multidisciplinary professionals. As your trusted partner, we support you through every step of the sales process - from shopping the market for the right product to underwriting, and even working with your client if needed. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or just starting out, we tailor our approach to fit your unique needs.

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    Business Made Simple

    Your success is dependent upon your productivity, and nothing slows that down like trying to navigate the complex placement process. Our skilled consultants make it easy for you to be successful by ordering exams, obtaining medical records, creating personalized case designs and client presentations.

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    Underwriting Expertise

    As a part of our commitment to your success, GBS employs a full-time underwriter with experience in complex medical issues. Our underwriter evaluates a client’s medical history, summarizes the information, presents the findings to multiple insurers, and then aggressively negotiates for the most competitive pricing.

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    Powerful Tools at Your Fingertips

    GBS has invested in some of the industry’s most effective tools to help you present cases for your clients. We provide you with multiple insurance quoting engines for term, LTC and annuities, electronic application and e-policy delivery, online underwriting assistant and even an automated carrier appointment tool.


"GBS goes the extra mile to make things happen. In today’s world of impersonal and automated service, it is such a pleasure to work with people who care as much about my business as I do."

Stephen E., Fairfield, CT

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