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Life Insurance Made Easy - No Hassle, No Needles, No Exam

Published on July 17, 2020


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Many carriers have relaxed their exam requirements and increased their face amount availability to accommodate clients during the current pandemic. In many cases client’s last physical and blood work can be substituted for an insurance paramed exam, if it was recent enough and, importantly, if the carrier can access those medical records easily. The option to skip the exam and blood draw is at the underwriter’s discretion, so in practice, only relatively healthy clients will be approved.

Below are highlights of no-exam and paperless application programs that will allow you to apply without seeing the client face-to-face, and in many cases will allow the client to apply without an exam or blood draw, resulting in an entirely virtual, paperless process with no in-person meetings.

For more information, please click the corresponding memo for each carrier or contact your GBS brokerage manager.





$5,000,000 to age 65

$3,000,000 to age 70

12 months

$3,000,000 to age 60


$3,000,000 to age 50

$1,000,000 to age 60


$2,500,000 to age 40

$2,000,000 to age 60

24 months

$2,000,000 to age 55


$2,000,000 to age 50

$1,000,000 to age 60

$1,000,000 to age 65

$500,000 to age 70

24 months

18 months

12 months

6 months




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