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Introducing PruLIfe Essential UL

Published on May 31, 2017

Below is the full text of the recent Prudential memo. 



Effective June 12, 2017, Prudential will be launching our newest universal life product, PruLife Essential UL. With it, you can offer your clients the simple design they want with the contemporary benefits they need. Here’s what you can look forward to:

PruLife Essential UL may be ideal for clients who:
 ✓ Wish to increase the amount they pass on to the people they love
 ✓ Seek a balance of protection and conservative cash growth
 ✓ Want cost-effective life insuran
ce with living benefits

It’s attractive because:
 • The design is so simple.
  ✓ A current assumption universal life product offering daily interest crediting

• It offers key benefits that clients want.
  ✓ Meaningful no-lapse guarantees to age 90 and beyond¹
  ✓ Steady cash value growth potential that’s not tied to the market
  ✓ Options to help clients supplement their incomes if they become chronically or terminally ill

Your success is important to us. For more information about how Essential UL can benefit you and your client, or if you want to discuss a case, please contact one of our GBS Brokerage Directors or call (800) 473-5966.




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