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Help Clients Stay on Track with LifeTrack: A quick and easy solution to managing your clients' policies

Published on April 04, 2017


Below is the full text of the recent John Hancock flyer. For a PDF version of this announcement, click here.



LifeTrack is an industry-first policy management solution that helps your clients stay on track to meet their insurance goals.

Life insurance policies are often held for decades and factors that affect policy performance, such as interest rates and the timing of premium payments, can change over the life of a policy. It’s been up to you to make adjustments in order to meet your client’s insurance goals. Until now!

Each year, LifeTrack Premium Notices are adjusted based on actual policy performance and updated assumptions about the future. Clients also receive annual personalized communications so they will always understand the amount to pay to keep pace with their insurance objective as actual policy experience unfolds.

LifeTrack offers:

  • Personalized client communications including LifeTrack Premium Notices that adjust each year to align with coverage objectives, and a LifeTrack Annual Report that shows them how the policy is tracking relative to their goals.
  • Extra motivation for John Hancock Vitality members to take a few more steps toward living a healthier life and earn more savings. Clients will receive an email each year prior to the LifeTrack Premium Notice to let them know how much more they can lower their premium by achieving a higher Vitality Status.
  • Peace of mind that clients “stay on track” to meet their insurance goals.

Signing up for LifeTrack is free and easy:

1. Run an illustration in which you “solve” for a premium.
2. Have your clients sign the LifeTrack election form that is printed with the illustration.
3. Submit both the signed illustration and election form.




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