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GBS Quarterly Sales Concepts | October 2022 Issue

Published on October 04, 2022


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Are Your Clients Aware of Sequence of Inflation Risk?

Retirees hoping to fund a steady lifestyle in retirement to supplement Social Security face the dual risks of not knowing how long retirement will last and not knowing how much prices will rise after they retire. A retiree is most at risk of inflation if it occurs during the first few years of retirement as a result of sequence of inflation risk. 

Inflation risk can be addressed through the use of an annuity with a guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit income that rises as prices increase. The benefit of protection against longevity and inflation risk is peace of mind.


Leveraging Long Term Care Solutions in a Volatile Market

Positioning Long-Term Care Coverage is even more relevant in a volatile economy. There is a significant risk that comes with self-funding in a down market or high-inflation environment. When taking money out of a down market, you cannot let it grow back or grow forward --- a phenomenon that Wealth Managers consider to be a double loss. Linked Benefit Long-Term Care policies continue to be the largest growing segment of the Long-Term Care Market due to their flexibility regardless of the market environment.


CASE STUDY: Estate Taxes Opportunities for High Net Worth Foreign Nationals

In today’s global economy, High Net Worth Foreign Nationals often have ties to the US, owning Real Estate, business interests, US investment holdings and immediate family living in the US. Preserving and protecting wealth for future generations is a huge concern. A Foreign National who is a "Nonresident Alien” only has a $60,000 exemption for estate taxes compared to a US citizen 12,006,000. At a minimum, you should evaluate the tax exposure for your High Net Worth Foreign National and offer solutions that can provide liquidity for their heirs to pay estate taxes.


Group Term Carve-Out (GTCO) with

Guaranteed Issue Chronic Illness Rider

As a result of the “Great Resignation”, employers have shifted their focus to providing financial wellness options which will attract and retain top talent. According to a recent PwC survey, Long-Term Care is the leading benefit which employees felt was lacking from their current benefit package. One of the industry’s most prominent Group Term Carve-Out Platforms now offers the ability to add a Chronic Illness rider to their GTCO coverage with no additional underwriting. If your business clients offer an existing group term carve-out plan --- or are considering adding one --- we strongly recommend considering this unique opportunity to enhance their plan with an extremely important and valued benefit.




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GBS News: Weekly Product and Underwriting Updates - Week of November 7, 2022

MassMutual will reprice UL Guard and Survivorship UL Guard in November, with premium rates generally improving because of higher interest rates. These flexible-premium universal life products provide the protection of permanent life insurance and may be an important part of your clients' estate and legacy planning.


GBS News: Weekly Product and Underwriting Updates - Week of October 31 - November 4, 2022

American National has arrived at the purposeful decision to cease term life sales at this time. As of 12/1/2022, American National will no longer accept applications for Signature Term Life Insurance.


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