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GBS News: Important Carrier Product Updates and Announcements

Published on March 04, 2021


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Accessing Chronic Illness Benefits While Living

AIG’s Accelerated Access Solution® (AAS) is a life insurance rider that accelerates a portion of a policy’s death benefit when an insured meets the health impairment criteria. Monthly payouts are made for as long as the criteria is met, or until the AAS benefit amount is exhausted, whichever occurs first. The AAS is available on Secure Lifetime GUL 3, Max Accumulator+ and Value+ Protector policies. AAS is available as an individual addition or in combination with the Lifestyle Income Solution® (LIS) rider on some products. The AAS rider allows income-tax-free access to death benefits if diagnosed with a chronic illness.


Symetra's IULs Now 7702 Compliant

Symetra is one of the first carriers we are aware of that has updated their products to be in compliance with the recent IRC Section 7702 changes. Their illustration system has been enhanced effective February 17, 2021 to include the new higher premiums allowable under Section 7702 which can result in better cash growth and income distributions for heavily funded IUL plans. Any policies issued after this date will include the new calculations. Stay tuned for more information on expanded opportunities utilizing these new rules. 


Pacific Life GUL & Term are Here! Fluidless Underwriting to age 69

GBS can now offer Pacific Life’s very competitive Promise Term and Promise GUL plans as well as their fluidless underwriting program. The “Smooth Sailing” program offers clients age 50-69 the ability to purchase up to $1 million in life insurance (Term or GUL) coverage using a paperless process that’s completely no-touch from beginning to end. Click below to check out more opportunities to help boost your business.


John Hancock New Protection VUL

For life insurance clients looking for strong, guaranteed protection with equity-based growth potential, show them how the new Protection VUL can give them confidence to “stay the course” with their financial plan by offering:

  • Death benefit guarantee to age 100 with the ability to extend further.
  • No investment restrictions to maintain the age-100 guarantee.
  • Strong growth potential through a diverse range of investment options.
  • Comprehensive living-benefit coverage.
  • Additional savings and rewards for health living with John Hancock Vitality.

Lifetime Assurance GUL Price Increase

Effective March 2nd, Protective slightly increased rates for their Lifetime Assurance UL product. They will also be adding a $500,000 face amount band to the product. Paper applications must be signed and received by 3/15 and drop-ticket applications by 3/29.


John Hancock Reduces Product Offerings in New York

John Hancock has reduced their product portfolio in New York and will no longer offer the following products for sale:

  • Accumulation VUL
  • Survivorship VUL
  • Protection UL
  • Protection Survivorship UL
  • Protection Indexed UL
  • Protection Survivorship Indexed UL

The last day to submit a case for one of the above products in New York is April 15, 2021 and policies must be issued no later than June 15, 2021. They will continue to offer their Accumulation IUL, Protection Term and Vitality Term products for sale in New York.




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GBS News: PacLife New Rates | Estate Planning | 2021 Tax Guide | and more

Effective March 29th, Pacific Life Insurance adjusted rates for their PL Promise Term product for all states except NY. Cases that are issued (for delivery) through May 28, 2021 automatically receive the better of the old and new PL Promise Term rates. No request is necessary. This date provides a 60-day transition from their new rate launch date. Cases that are issued after this date receive the new PL Promise Term rates.


Principal: Drop Ticket Required for Most Term Cases for Speedier Service

Beginning April 1, 2021, Principal’s excellent drop ticket system must be used for all Term application submissions up to the maximum applicable Accelerated Underwriting face amount ($3 million for issue ages 18-40; $2.5 million for issue ages 41 and older). Note: Paper applications will NOT be accepted where drop ticket is required.


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