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Client Prospecting Tool for Retirement Income Protection

Published on June 14, 2021


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Here's everything you need to create your own customized agent recruiting campaign in minutes. Not sure where to start? No problem. We've done all the work for you.

  • This pre-built campaign includes an email template to start the conversation, a flyer you can download and customize with your contact info and send direct-mail, and social media postings you can use on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.
  • This campaign can be completed weekly, monthly, or any time frame that works for your business.
  • Choose one or more promotions per week/month – simply copy and paste directly to the calendar.

See below for an example of WEEK ONE. Click the button below to download the full pre-built campaign which includes four weeks worth of materials.




EMAIL - Conversation Starter: Find out the many unknown facts that could affect your retirement

Are you looking for new sales concepts to send your clients? Reach out to your clients and prospects with this email template and use the suggested subject line along with the body copy and cut and paste it into your email program. Note that the red areas should/can be customized. Don't forget to include the video and flyers as resources in your email.


DIRECT MAIL - Income for college and retirement funding

With all of us receiving countless emails a day, it is so easy for an email to get lost or buried. Stand out from the rest and direct mail this customized flyer along with a personal note to get their attention. Click below to download the flyer and customize with your contact information before printing. Please note, there may be printing and postage costs associated with direct mail.


SOCIAL MEDIA - Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter

Social media is one of the highest marketing platforms used today that is completely free and can reach millions of people instantly. Upload this image along with the below body copy and post to all social media platforms.

Body Copy: Nearly 49% of people retire earlier than expected due to job loss, health issues, caring for an older parent, or other issues.  




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