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Tips for Tax-Smart Planning

Published on February 13, 2020




There's no better time than tax season to talk to your clients. 

Help your clients see how taxes affect them today and may potentially erode their income when they retire. Unlike other portfolio assets, life insurance with cash value potential offers a death benefit and tax-deferred growth opportunities, which can help your clients save more for the future.

In retirement, your clients may take income tax-free policy loans and withdrawals, which won’t affect their tax bracket, capital gains exposure, modified adjusted gross income, Medicare premiums, or Social Security benefits.



List of Carrier Updates in Response to COVID-19

Many carriers have recently updated business practices and underwriting guidelines in response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). Here, you will find a list of carrier announcements, restrictions, and resources to help keep your business processing as smoothly as possible.


10 Ways to Make 2018 a Success!

As we embark on 2018, we’ve compiled a list of simple selling tips to help you kickoff the New Year, and reach your fullest potential. These basic concepts can help you increase the size of your cases, your application count and make it another banner year!


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