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Lock in a Great Rate Today: 2.60% Guaranteed for 5 Years

Published on April 13, 2020




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Lock in a Great Rate Today with Reliance Standard!

Traditional Fixed Annuity - Effective 3/30 - New Rates are as follows:

  • Eleos-MVA - 2.60%
  • Eleos-SP - 2.45%
  • Apollo-MVA - 4.20% / 2.20%
  • Apollo-SP - 4.05% / 2.05%

These provisions and more are ALL INCLUDED:

  • 2.60% Guaranteed for 5 Years (would need a 3.47% Taxable Equivalent Yield in combined 25% Fed/State tax bracket to match that)
  • A+ EXCELLENT AM Best Rating
  • Up to 2.50% Compensation (higher than most!)
  • Low minimum premium - Only $10,000
  • 0-85 Issue ages (Qualified & Non-qualified)
  • 10% FREE Withdrawal Starting YEAR ONE!
  • Nursing Home & Hospitalization Waiver
  • Death Benefit = Full Account Value   



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